Installing Safes

When considering installing a safe in your home or office the questions you will need to consider before making a purchase are:image (2)

  • What will I be keeping in the safe ?
  • Cash kept overnight needs to be in a suitable graded safe for insurance
  • Typically safes are euro graded from level 0-5 higher the grade higher the cash rating the higher the cost
  • Does it need to be fire resistant for documents or data?
  • Some safes or security cabinets are fire resistant which will preserve the contents for a set amount of time should there be a fire, fire retardant document wallets are also available

Where can the safe be fitted?

  • Solid fixings are required for the safe to be mounted, but our engineer can of course perform a site survey to look at your options

Opening/Servicing Safes

Dealing with safes isn’t for the faint hearted, they can range from simple digital lock home safes like the type many hardware stores sell, to high security safes designed with clever features to stop thieves and the in- experienced safe cracker in their tracks.
We will request as much information from you over the phone in order to try and identify the safe as best we can. This will enable us to give you a realistic ‘opening’ time scale and costing.

Please have the following information (where possible) for us

  • Make and model of the safe
  • Colour of the safe
  • Approximate size of the safe
  • Type of lock or locks fitted EG Combination dial or key or both?

The problem you are having with the safe:

  • Lost key or broken key
  • Lost/forgotten combination
  • Attempted break-in

To arrange for a quotation and/or a safe engineer to visit, please call us 07966 394437

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